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World Of Chemicals is a powerful chemical driven B2B platform connecting manufacturers, suppliers, trader and buyers. Sellers and buyers can connect with each other globally and identify the right customer base. With distinct segments for Chemicals, Academic, Services and Media, the portal creates a globally networked, well connected - one world synergy for the chemical industry.

It aims to be a 'One Stop Solution,' for the chemical fraternity.


Xobber CRM

Xobber CRM

Xobber CRM gives flawless access to your business information & insights. A CRM developed smartly for smart business people.

  • Presentation of Data with Performance Meter
  • Keep A Record of Lead Generation Sources
  • Connected Through A Single System
  • Schedule Everything You Need
  • Follow the Negotiation
  • Prioritize the Task & Annotate at Place Get Updates on All the Activities Happening Around your Organization

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RO Anti-scalant solution (E-water)

E-water is an anti-scalant, prediction and cost optimization software. The product is useful for companies performing reverse osmosis process that uses various types of water such as sea water, waste water, lake water and industrial waste water. During the RO proces, the type of water determines the specific chemical and dosage to be used. Here, e-water internally considers the type of water and calculates the suitable chemicals to be used for the process.



Kimberlite Softwares believes in accuracy, precision and client reliability. We have developed a data management tool. A product, that helps in tracking the sales activity of an organization. User can track all the activities right from the start of sales to payment and execution. Our sophisticated DMS tool is an enterprise-ready that comes with highly simple interface, & most importantly an affordable tool with no compromises in terms of quality.


PRO TECH International provides high quality chemicals, specialist equipment, process technology, technical services and expertise to the global sugar industry. Our physical presence in multiple countries allows us to provide direct, onsite service to our customers, setting us apart from our competition. Our business philosophy is far more than simply selling chemicals. At PRO TECH, our clients operational needs are our highest priority. Our team members work directly with your staff to make sure that every product we supply is delivered on time and used to its full potential and peak efficiency resulting in optimum performance of your factory or refinery processes.


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